After Hurricane Nina, Rand’s Resolution (Hot Hunks-Steamy Romance Collection Book 8) By Tamara Ferguson – Review by Madison Degraffenreid

After Hurricane Nina, Rand's Resolution (Hot Hunks-Steamy Romance Collection)After Hurricane Nina, Rand’s Resolution by Tamara Ferguson
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After Hurricane Nina, Rand’s Resolution (Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection) by Tamara Ferguson


After Hurricane Nina, Rand’s Resolution , is action packed and romantic. Main characters Rand and Ciara meet as kids briefly and are reunited later in life. Rand left a significant impact on the young Ciara that led her to the path she is currently on. Both are high ranking members in the service. Rand has been under cover for several years and has developed the persona of a trust fund lazy millionaire to hide what he is doing. Truly being a trust fund recipient from his grandparents who raised him, he really is pretty active in many things. Ciara has a feeling there is more to him and try’s to figure it out. She has an interesting background herself and was an easy female lead to love.
I love how the two worked together to rescue and help people after the hurricane. They had amazing personalities. I also felt that the storyline was easy to follow and full of excitement. Their romance was beautiful to watch as it blossomed. The ending was definitely my favorite part and I highly recommend this novel.

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