Blinded by Betrayal with Spin Drift: Book One (Silent Secrets) by Lisette Kristensen

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Blinded by Betrayal with Spin Drift: Book One (Silent Secrets) by MidnightDream-Lisette Kristensen
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Genre – Espionage Thriller
Page Count – 107 pages

Her husband turned rat, her father wanted her dead. Sloane could only turn to one man, could she trust him?

Sloane’s life spun into another world, she had no idea what would confront her as she dove into the world of espionage. One reality was certain, failure would bring death.

Blinded by Betrayal with Spin Drift is the first book in the Silent Secret Series. The stories are espionage thrillers wrapped around the world of politics and military operations.

“Don’t miss great reading about strong confident women as the main characters … Great read that you need to one click.”


Lisette, discovered her passion for spy thrillers as a young girl. Regardless, if it was movies, tv or books her passion for the dark, evil world of espionage was ignited.

Her Silent Secret Series brings current events across the world to live through the eyes of badass female operatives. Either they belong to commonly known agencies, or private security firms, her heroines know no boundaries to get the mission accomplished.

Her thrillers a full of bullets flying, bodies dropping and hearts breaking. If you enjoy, Russell Blake’s, JET series, you will meeting Blackbird.

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