Evolution: Awakening (An Ash Kyndal Novel) by Hope Anika – Review by Angela Hayes

Evolution: AwakeningEvolution: Awakening by Hope Anika
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“She’d grown up on the periphery of society; carnival midways and circus tents and endless miles of pavement. Her existence had only occasionally crossed paths with the “civilized” world, and faking her way through its twisted realities and conforming to its rigid definitions did not come naturally or easily. The necessity of bending made her angry, and as some part of her always seemed to be angry—courtesy of that aforementioned sociopathic father—she knew and understood how inherently difficult it was to be a part of the world.”


Evolution: Awakening is an Ash Kyndal Novel by Hope Anika. It is a fast-paced, action packed Sci-Fi story with plenty of drama, secrets, discoveries, hidden agendas, adventure, and intrigue. This is my first book by Ms. Anika, so I was curious about what I would find once I stated. The book certainly jumps into the action right off the bat, there was no slow build up, character introductions, or backstory slowly developing, because everything was done amidst the action. It was an intriguing way to start the book, and though a little unexpected and chaotic- I was interested in discovering where we were headed.

It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, that’s for sure. The story had quite a lot of surprising developments that kept me wondering and guessing the whole way through.

The characters are well developed and dynamic individuals- if not a little quirky. There were ones I really liked right off the bat, like Ash and Ruslan, and there were characters I really wasn’t sure about- then as the story progressed, there were characters whom I really detested. But this just added to the intrigue of the overall storyline.

I got to the end and really didn’t know what to think, I am a little up in the air about it all, and have so many questions still. It looks set to continue in book #2, “Evolution: Brethren”, so I hope it will give me the answers I am looking for.

Thank you, Hope Anika!


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