Gamble on a Cowboy by Melissa Keir and D’Ann Lindun – Review by Debi Kircher

Gamble on a CowboyGamble on a Cowboy by Melissa Keir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gamble on a Cowboy by Melissa Keir and D’Ann Lindun

4 Stars

I so wanted more of each of these stories, there just wasn’t enough time to build the connection to these characters as I would have liked. I did though enjoy the storylines and the writing in both stories was smooth and very easy to follow its just that they were both so short that everything happened a bit too fast for me.

Both stories were unique in their own right and I read both of them in one sitting. It was absolutely enough though for me to want more from both authors. This was my first read by D’Ann Lindun and I want to say my 3rd or 4th by Melissa Keir and I will be looking into more from both of them.

I do recommend anyone wanting to read something quick that they should pick this up, definitely fast moving and will leave you craving more.

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