Seductively Yours (Titans of Manhattan Book 3) by Anise Storm – Review by Angela Shirley

Seductively Yours (Titans Of Manhattan, #3)Seductively Yours by Anise Storm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rhyann has everything she has ever dreamed of, a scholarship to one of the renown Ballet Schools in the country, but as she get there and starts her studies she is becoming increasingly worried about the costs raising from moving to New York.

So when her roommate suggests for extra money pole dancing at a local club, she decides it the best option for her to do what she loves, dancing and earn extra money.

Mason is one of the biggest people in New York, he owns a successful club and is consider one of the most eligible bachelors there is, he can have his pick of any girl/women who throws themselves at him but one night he is attracted to one of the new dancers but she seems familiar to him. It is only when he comes face to face with her does he realise its the woman he had one night with and can not get out of his head.

But it is wise mixing business with pleasure?

This is not the first book I have read by this author and oh my this will not be the last, although this book is part of a series you each book is it’s own stand alone story but if I was you and go nd read them all as you will not be disappointed.

I love the way the book unfolds and weaves through the budding relationship and with the realisation that these two people are destined to be together. The character in all the books are well developed and offer a great depth and another element to the story. The chemistry between the two characters is off the page and I love the way you uncover the romance with each turn of the page.

The two main characters are written in a way that they compliment each other, with the secondary characters adding another layer to the story. I really enjoyed the character of Rhyann as a fierce independent women trying to make her own way through the city it was just a refreshing read.

I can not wait for the next instalment as to be fair anything written by this author is gold.

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