Garrett (Dark Water Security book 2) By Madison Quinn – Review by Erica Fish

Garrett (Dark Water Security #2)Garrett by Madison Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One thing I like about the Dark Water Security Series by Madison Quinn is that you do not need to read the other books to be able to follow along. Garrett, the second book in the series holds true to that statement. Madison Quinn is a contemporary romance author who does not focus on the romance part of the story, do not get me wrong romance is there but there is a story around the romance. Garrett and Hope had one night together and he did not think he would see Hope again. Well the new job has Garrett sharing living space with Hope again. Garrett needs to do security for a guy which is getting intense. Garrett vows to protect his client and Hope but Hope is hiding something from Garrett. What will the outcome of Garrett and Hope’s relationship be? Will Hope tell Garrett what she is hiding from him?

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