Heart of Stone: Emery & Jackson (Heart of Stone Series Book 1) by Chiquita Dennie – Review by Angela Hayes

(Heart of Stone Series Book #1) Emery&Jackson(Heart of Stone Series Book #1) Emery&Jackson by Chiquita Dennie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3 ½ Stars

Heart of Stone: Book #1: Emery & Jackson is the first book in the Heart of Stone Series by Chiquita Dennie. Ms. Dennie is a ‘new-to-me’ author, so I was looking forward to reading her story and seeing what it was like. It is a contemporary romance that had drama, funny moments, chemistry, and passion.
Emery caught her (ex) boyfriend in bed with her best friend. Double betrayal! She’s very hurt. But she also wants to put it all behind her, as she has a ‘secret’ that she needs to deal with. She’s definitely not interested in relationships- no-strings hook-ups will suit her just fine. But, will a persuasive, sexy, wealthy, alpha-type male be able to change her stone cold opinion, get her to let down her defences, and to take a chance on love again? You really need to read this book to discover all the sexy details for yourself.
Good character development, interesting characters with quirky personalities. I loved Granny! Jackson is alpha-male swooniness!! Emery is all woman, and is perfect for Jackson. Minor issue- some of the sex scenes were a little awkward for me, the descriptive words seemed a little old fashioned, or out of place. (eg: …”her juices bury(?) my c**k as we slowly rock back and forth….”). Maybe it’s just me?
Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Jordan & Damon in Book #2.

Thank you, Ms. Dennie!


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