Hell On Heels (PJ Santini Series: Book One 1) by Lynne Russell – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

Hell On Heels (PJ Santini Series Book 1)Hell On Heels by Lynne Russell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hell on Heels is the first book in the PJ Santini Series, and the first book I have read by Lynne Russell. The book follows PJ, who is a Private Investigator as well as a TV news reporter. She is also very much Italian, with relatives and friends connected to the mob. Her dad is a retired cop, so she has connections all over the city, which she leans on to work her stories and investigations. At first I had a hard time keeping up with all the men in her life. She is hired to investigate and report on the disappearance of Siggy, a journalist she was, ironically, hired to replace. She moved into his office, and quickly began picking apart his life, notes, friends and lovers. The story is original and I loved it, cant wait to read book 2. My only complaint is the story didn’t always seamlessly segway into the next topic. The transitions from scene to scene were choppy and rushed. That being said, I still give the book a 5 star and recommend it to others. It has a good balance of mystery, with a hint of romance and humor.

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