Hell On Heels (PJ Santini Series Book One) by Lynne Russell – Review by Gail Guerrero

Hell On Heels (PJ Santini Series Book 1)Hell On Heels by Lynne Russell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hell On Heels (PJ Santini Series Book One) by Lynne Russell

Four Stars

Janice is an interesting character. Her thoughts were chaotic. Sometimes during the read of would be so lost on what she was talking about. Inside her head is a place I never want to be. The wording was really different and made it a little hard to follow. There were some interesting parts throughout the story that did hold my attention. Her relationship with Daly for one was different and a little surprising. The author is new for me and I will have to give the next book a shot. Like it wasn’t my thing but it wasn’t bad. The plot was interesting because it’s a woman doing what we do best. Finding the answers to the craziest things. Janice was good at what she did even if done in a different way.
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