Shortcuts (Singularities) by Amy Bearce – Review by Jana Teppih

ShortcutsShortcuts by Amy Bearce
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Shortcuts (Singularities) by Amy Bearce is a perfect novel for young readers! It is a story of four best friends – Parker, Avery, DeShawn and Ethan. They all have psychic powers because their mothers were given a certain fertility drug. They all have developed different abilities that I can imagine the young readers would find very cool!
The story is told from Parker’s point of view, she is our resident empath! She is brash and bold and honest and caring and energetic … Avery is the PERFECT best friend ever … DeShawn is calm and wise and a young man with a golden heart … Ethan is our mischievous young rebel … and then we have Mia, a sweet and sad and complicated new girl, and Josh who is another new boy that brings his complications …
This story that I think would be a perfect reading early tween and teen set, tells us the story of friendships, family relationships, the power of social standing and the realities you must face when you hurt the people you love, even if you did not mean it to happen … it tells us a story of what the consequences of shortcuts are and that actually, there are no shortcuts in life as every action has a counter action … it shows us that everyone carries a burden and everyone deserves to have friends and to be loved! There are a loads of lessons that if you are open you might be able to learn by reading the book and not needing to experience them in person!

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