Temptation and Seduction by L.M. Mountford – Review by Michelle Austin

Temptation and SeductionTemptation and Seduction by L.M. Mountford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Temptation and Seduction was a steamy 5+ star read. This was a great compilation of hot and steamy short stories.

Just Once is a friends to lovers read.
Faye and Terry grew up together, they were close friends throughout their childhood. When Faye finally decides to make the first move things take a steamy twist. I have to say that I would love to read more on these two, I didn’t like the way it ended, I need more.

Valentine Misadventure
Sophie and her bodyguard are at a club enjoying themselves, they have taken things further into a steamy relationship. When her father’s men show up things take a scary twist, can they have a good Valentines day?

Play Time
James is a college student who meets a very sexy woman who isn’t shy about what she wants from him. After he goes home with her, things take a very interesting twist.

Stepdaddy’s Bad Girl
This story had me cringing at times. Eric comes across to me as a dirtbag arrogant stepfather. When he hears his step daughter trying to sneak out he decides to teach her a lesson. This is a very dark and twisted read that may have triggers for some. I have to say I love the dark and taboo but this was violent to an extent that I was a little uncomfortable.

Sweet Temptations
Richard encounters a very flirty babysitter. She is very straightforward about what she wants from him, and he can’t stop fantasizing about her. Can he resist or will he break his vows?

Sweet Temptation (The Boss’s Daughter)
Richard is once again being tempted, this time by his Boss’s daughter. Will he stay strong or will he give into temptation?

I overall really enjoyed these short stories, I”m not sure I would classify it as erotica. I wouldn’t mind reading more from some of these characters. I would like some back story to learn more and others moving forward. I will warn that some of the scenes can get graphic and I would recommend 18+ readers.

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