Nite Fire: Smoke & Mirrors (Book 3) by C. L. Schneider – Review by Liz Vrchota

Smoke & Mirrors (Nite Fire #3)Smoke & Mirrors by C.L. Schneider
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nite Fire: Smoke & Mirrors is the third book in the series and is quite possibly the strongest of the three. I have read the previous two and really enjoyed them, so I was excited to see what would come next. C.L. Schneider did not disappoint. Now, normally I don’t choose these types of novels that get really sci-fi. They tend to bore me with details and end up just leaving me confused and unfulfilled. That is never the case with Schneider’s novels. They come alive right before your eyes and grip your attention quite demandingly from the very first few pages. I always feel as if I have embarked on a wonderful adventure and often left missing the strange new lands we found, anxious to go back.

I really enjoyed the characters in this one as well, Dahlia is one of those strong and fearless leads that you just can’t help but fall in love with. I enjoyed seeing some familiar faces as well. And, as always, the creatures are detailed and as realistic as they could be. I loved the vibrant pictures they painted in my mind as I read. My only complaint being this book ended when it did, never enough when it is a fantastic read. I look forward to seeing what will come next!

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