Things We Lost (Loving Locksley Book 1) by Shae Banks – Review by Lyndsey Fairley

Things We Lost (Loving Locksley Book 1)Things We Lost by Shae Banks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Things We Lost (Loving Locksley Book 1) by Shae Banks
5 stars

Let me start by saying, this was such a great book. I love second chance romances, and this one was very interesting. I connected with Nat, I felt for all she had been through. And Jason, I really really liked him. I did, i so did. He explained the past asked for forgiveness and tried to earn her trust back. If the book ended at this point, it still would have been a great read.
But, we get sucker punched, for lack of a better phrase. I didn’t see it coming, I had no idea, no little voice saying “wait for it”, nothing. And then after that, a small scene and then over. Do we get more? Heaven help me I need to know more here and I will be waiting with bated breath and festering feelings as I’m so confused why I feel ok about this books actions! I haven’t felt this way in quite some time. Im on both sides of the fence here and i need to know where to go!
I will be reading more from this author and hopefully we get more dual pov as the small snippet from Jason left me wanting more on his side. Ugh going to dive into some ice cream to drown my traitorous feelings over here lol

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