Fisher Men X-ing Lines (Fisher Men Book II) by Rebel Nicks O’Dey

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Fisher Men X-ing Lines (Fisher Men Book II) by Rebel Nicks O’Dey


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Genre – Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Page Count – 353 pages

Cover Designer – Bel Books

Publishing Company – Bel Books

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Connor Fisher and Veronica Lang (Rika) are set up to be roommates by their best friend Sam (Heroine of book one) unbeknownst to the pair their travel schedule is so demanding that they don’t meet one another for an entire year. They are the proverbial odd couple. He keeps things so clean that they are sterile, and she’s a hot mess. They fall in love slowly through text messages, video movie dates, and a photograph game called Where in the World is my Roommate. When their worlds finally do collide, they combust and it’s not all good, or is it?


Rebel is retired from a career in EMS (Emergency Medical Service) as a first responder. One downfall of her profession was never knowing what happens next. Once a patient is safely in the emergency room, she never knew if they recovered, if their family made it in time, or if life could go on. She dealt with the stress by writing rich backstories and twisting their trauma into a happily ever after. She writes real-life horror and the darkest pieces of humanity but with light through the scars, love, healing, and humor. After becoming intimately involved in the trials and tribulations of her characters, she laughs when they laugh, cries when they cry, and sighs at the end. Rebel hopes you, too, get lost in another world, find light in the dark, get inspired, and get frisky with your Love.

Rebel Nicks O’dey is blissfully married to her childhood sweetheart. It’s easy to write about love and romance when you know what it is. She has several amazing children. She has lived in three states and six homes in the last ten years. So, where she is from, is a complicated question. Rebel dreamed of writing books and sharing them with the world from a very early age. She is a two-time National Winner of the Young Authors Contest, but then life happened. Like most adults, she forgot about her dreams and grew up. Writing became a stress relief, a hobby, and nothing more. Surviving Cancer changed her perspective. Life is short, stop surviving it; live it.

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