Until Fools Find Gold (Providence Gold Book One) by Mary B Moore – Review by Angela Hayes

Until Fools Find GoldUntil Fools Find Gold by Mary B. Moore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Until Fools Find Gold by Mary B. Moore took me on quite a ride. I didn’t expect to like it quite as much as I did, or to be completely swept up in the story as everything played out.
Luna and Levi were the best of friends, inseparable- until her father whisked her away in the middle of the night- with no contact, since. But now she’s in trouble and the only person she can trust to truly help her is Levi.
Back in the only place she ever felt secure, means seeing Noah again too. Luna and Noah both have feelings for one another, something they never spoke about or acted on, because he was her best friends’ older brother, and she was made off-limits by his brother. But now she’s back and Noah won’t let her slip through his fingers again. But her past doesn’t seem to want to let her go- and things are about to get ‘interesting’.
This story has so much going on in it, in a good way- from friendship and loyalty- to chemistry, love and emotion, there was so much to like about this book. Plenty of laughs helped to balance all the emotional, dramatic moments- and the characters tied it all together.
Looking forward to more from Ms. Moore!

Thank you, Ms. Moore!


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