Until Fools Find Gold (Providence Gold Book One) by Mary B Moore – Review by Katie Matthews

Until Fools Find GoldUntil Fools Find Gold by Mary B. Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This story was such an amazing read! And what a wonderful introduction to Mary B Moore as an author! I was hooked from beginning to end and found it really difficult to find a place where I could actually put the book down so I could actually do some real life things! Luna was just the best character to read about! She made me laugh so much at times, it was really refreshing to read about her actually especially considering everything she endured during her childhood – I just loved her! I think I fell in love with Levi as soon as I started reading about him! He may have just been the perfect guy to read about and then there was Noah! Two perfect brothers!!
There was so much going on in this story and I truly went on such an emotional journey, from laughter to tears! I really felt for Luna and the pain she suffered but also really admired the strength she had to escape!
Until Fools Find Gold was a wonderful read, one that I highly recommend and I absolutely cannot wait to read more from this author again in the future!

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