Winging It (Destiny Rules Series Book 1) by Lisa Gail Green – Review by Angela Hayes

Winging It (Destiny Rules Series Book 1)Winging It by Lisa Gail Green
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Winging It is the first book in the Destiny Rules Series by Lisa Gail Green. It is a really fun, light-hearted fantasy: with magic, fairies, humour, adventure, action, a little suspense, and wonderful world building. The way the ‘world’ and story were woven together, was quite cleverly done- and made the fantasy aspects seem very realistic and believable.
We meet Zach who has just had his world turned upside down, when he discovers that not only is his mother a ‘fairy godmother’- but he’s a fairy too. His adventure begins when his mother is injured, and he has to step in to take over and finish all her assignments. There is a lot at stake in this time sensitive story, and Zach will find himself tested.
I really enjoyed this charming story, even if the teenage angst, thoughts, and dialog frustrated me at times. I read it in one easy sitting- and love the way the story ended! I will definitely be reading book #2.

Thank you, Ms. Green!


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