MaddJax Series, Boxed Series Set, Book One & Book Two: A Second Chance Stepbrother/co-CEO Romance by Deborah Ann – Review by Emma Morreale

MaddJax Series, Boxed Series Set, Book One & Book TwoMaddJax Series, Boxed Series Set, Book One & Book Two by Deborah Ann
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For sure my kind of book. It’s one that pulls you in and the next thing you know, one more chapter has become 4 AM and oh well I’m almost done so I’ll finish it now.
I have no idea how Maddison was able to deal with everything that was thrown at her AT HER 5 YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION that she basically footed the bill for. I don’t even want to go to my 10th next year and my class was, for the most part, open minded and kind people. Put all that together with running a company and the surprise but not entirely unwelcome appearance of the stepbrother she’s always been in love with, and I was exhausted trying to keep up with everything.
For anyone who is wary of the step sibling part of this, it’s no worse than actual world history. Maddison and Jaxon aren’t related by blood. Looking at you, European royalty.

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