Out of the Box Collection by Jennifer Theriot – Review by Shannon Fowler

Out of the Box CollectionOut of the Box Collection by Jennifer Theriot
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This collection contains three books, Awakening, Regifted and Everlasting by Jennifer Theriot. Book one, Awakening, is all about Olivia and how her life is about to change. There are so many characters to get to know, so much relatability, so many feelings, second chances, first loves. This book really had it all. As a book one it could have ended as it is. It ends happily, enough, there’s a good amount of closure, however, this IS a set so YAY there is more!!

Book 2 is Regifted and is a continuation of Olivia and Ash’s discovery. Discovery of each other and their love. Life is good for Olivia and just continues to get better. However, some unimaginable twists are thrown in and things aren’t as perfect as they seem.

Book 3 Everlasting is O.M.G. This book continues status quo until it doesn’t!! I can’t even with this conclusion!

A complete adventure in 3 books! I can’t wait to see if Theriot gives us more of these characters…she just has to! Highly recommended!

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