Perfectly Played by Holly Kerr – Review by Natalie Hanley

Perfectly PlayedPerfectly Played by Holly Kerr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What an opening to a book! Flora is literally about to walk down the aisle to marry long term boyfriend Thomas when she suddenly realises she can’t. Running from the chapel she bumps into Dean who was there for his own wedding which is also not destined to happen. A chance meeting, a night of passion, then they go back to their own lives, but is this really all there is for this intriguing couple?
Flora is a fab character with lots of pizzaz and enough positivity to counteract the sometimes negative Dean who is disappointed from a failed pro sports career. The minor characters MK and Clay are also entertaining and give us some great moments in the book. What made me laugh very early on in the story was the reference to him looking like a character from Game of Thrones – very current! I knew exactly who the author meant and that cemented this character’s look for me for the rest of that opening part of the book.
This was a light-hearted fun, second chance, “will-they, won’t-they” kind of book that I love to read by the pool on holiday. Totally recommend it!

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