BECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand by Aviva Vaughan – Review by Natalie Hanley

BECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New ZealandBECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand by Aviva Vaughn
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The final part of the Beckoned Series did not disappoint. At the beginning of the book we find our hero Soren Lund living a basic and peaceful life in Costa Rica with girlfriend Elena and her son Diego. A chance meeting with an old friend and a new friend set into motion a change of circumstances and he finds himself once again rebuilding his life in New Zealand, still far from his native Denmark.
I really enjoyed this book. I have invested a lot in Soren over the series and I was not disappointed by this final book. It tied up all the ends I wanted it to. I enjoy the way Aviva Vaughn describes the characters and their surroundings with equal passion. For me, one of the beauties of her writing is the illustration of the places the characters visit. I could almost be in the Tivoli gardens, strolling down that boulevard, or on the Costa Rican beach feeling the surf sting my face. I loved getting to know the wider Lund family and the inclusion of such a cataclysmic event as the Tsunami of 2004 and how it affected people who were not even anywhere near it.
Overall, I have to say I was sad to finish the book, I had thrown myself into it and wasn’t ready for it to end! That is always a sign of a good book to me. Well done. Saying that, I could not have asked for more of the ending, it was exactly what it should have been.

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