Temptation and Seduction by L.M. Mountford – Review by Ana Cortes

Temptation and SeductionTemptation and Seduction by L.M. Mountford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh my goodness!!! I didn’t think this would have been that good since it was going to be a lot of short stories. On the contrary they are short but to the point. As in; it becomes steamy real quickly. I enjoyed that they were contemporary. There is some cheating so if you are highly against it this isn’t for you. If you are hoping to read something to get you in the mood, and don’t about cheating then this is for you. I was left on the edge wanting to continue reading some stories because I got hooked on the story as well. If I can give this book 4.5 stars I would. I’m going with 4 because I wanted more of the steamy stories, of the falling for the forbidden apple “person”. I even want to go search for some authors and get some of their other work. Enjoy feeling the sexual frustration!

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