Winging It (Destiny Rules Series Book 1) by Lisa Gail Green – Review by Erica Fish

Winging It (Destiny Rules Series Book 1)Winging It by Lisa Gail Green
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As of late, I find myself looking for simple stories just to give the mind something to do. Winging It is one of the simple stories. Lisa Gail Green is a YA author who can grab you and keep you throughout her story. I find that the YA authors pay more attention to the small details and keep the story flowing. There is somewhat a mystery with Zach and his powers that he is trying to get used it, We follow Zach and his mom through the story so see what can happen if the fairy godmother roll really is in the people’s lives. Will Zach complete his Mother’s assignments in time or will his mother and himself be grounded? What a journey you will be on if you take the first page and run away in the story of Winging It!!!!

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