An Unexpected Sequel (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 4) by Heather Silvio – Review by Anna Hirsch

An Unexpected Sequel (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 4)An Unexpected Sequel by Heather Silvio
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An Unexpected Sequel (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 4) by Heather Silvio
4 Stars

The thing I love about this series is that the books are fun to read including this one. I was a little surprised that Robin Landon got her own book. Her character wasn’t well liked in the previous books. As a demon’s minion, what is there to like? She’s on the wrong team. In this story, you realize that there is more to Robin. She’s a person with feelings who finally grows a backbone and refuses the order to kill Jackson McKee. Obviously the demon is not happy and puts a hit on Robin as well. Trying to keep herself and Jackson alive, Robin swallows her pride and asks Catherine for help.

What follows is another fantastic story filled with mystery, mayhem and romance. Can the girls keep them alive? Will they find the hitman? Will Robin have her happy ending? You have to read to find out.

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