Dark (The Dark Series #1) by Paul L Arvidson – Review by Erica Fish

Dark (The Dark Trilogy Book 1)Dark by Paul L. Arvidson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dark the first book in the series by Paul Arvidson is a beautifully written Sci-Fi fantasy book. This is my first book by this author so I did not have any preconceived thoughts of what to expect. Arvidson’s story is well thought out, characters are fully developed, and keeps you guessing on what is coming down the pike. One thing I really love about Sci-FI is that there are no rules. Arvidson created a new world that kept me turning the pages because I could not wait to see what was happening next. Dark is a planet on which Dun with his two friends are on a journey through a labyrinth. There are missing elements that Dun is trying to seek out. He is having dreams, but he is not sure if they mean anything. Will Dun and his friends make it through the labyrinth? What other dangers will they encounter?

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