The Veil by Wanda Luthman-Review by Amanda Kimble

The VeilThe Veil by Wanda Luthman
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5/5 Stars

The Veil by Wanda Luthman

This is the first book I’ve read by the author. This is also the first book I’ve read like this. As I’m not much one for religion I found this book a fun read.

Samuel is getting ready to celebrate his thirteenth birthday. He has to give the speech and he’s looking forward to it. The quote I chose for Samuel is: “Rabbi Menechachen, I have enjoyed learning from you, and I thank you for the time you have spent teaching me. For this day, I have chosen my favorite passage from the ancient prophet, Isaiah. It speaks about a time when Yahweh will send someone who would be like a lamb slaughtered for the sins of Israel. It seemed appropriate to read this since my birthday is just before Passover, which is our celebration of Yahweh rescuing the Jews from the Egyptians. Each family had slaughtered a first-born male lamb without blemish and painted their doorway with its blood to protect them from the Angel of Death, so he would pass by their home.”

Highly recommended for Inspirational lovers.

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