Behind Blue Eyes (Stockholm Murders Book 1) by CS Duffy – Review by Lyndsey Fairley

Behind Blue EyesBehind Blue Eyes by C.S. Duffy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Behind Blue Eyes (Stockholm Murders Book 1) by CS Duffy
5 stars

Umm, what did I just read!? This was amazing and I have no words. It’s been 2 days since i’ve finished this and i still can’t get over this book and can’t get my thoughts straight.
I can’t imagine moving to a new country where they speak a language I know nothing about. But that’s exactly what happens here and my goodness, despite her language barrier, it doesn’t stop her investigative mind from working double time.
I will say I had my suspicion and even though I was right, it was by sheer luck I was, as I stopped reading and looked.back at my notes. Yes I took notes as i wanted to figure this out to see if i was by chance correct lol.
This was so good and i cant wait to read the next, as it left me with many questions and I also just want more of these characters. What an amazing read!

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