Dinner with The Wolf (Misfits & Rogues Series Book 2) by Kimberly Forrest – Review by Sheri Schrader

Dinner with The Wolf (Misfits & Rogues Series Book 2)Dinner with The Wolf by Kimberly Forrest
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Dinner with The Wolf by Kimberly Forrest is the second book in the Misfits & Rogues series. I would recommend reading the first book in the series first because there is some background I’m sure will help with this book. I read this book first and enjoyed it but felt like I was missing something. Overall, I really enjoyed this story and look forward to catching more in this series. The main characters Vivian, a vampire, and Jules, a were-shifter do not see eye to eye. Jules is not happy that he is sent to fetch Vivian and bring her back home.
I think their personalities are good because they are different. He is an alpha, but not overbearing and she is a bit petulant. I really enjoyed this and I think there is a lot further for this series to go. I am going to grab book 1 and get ready for a thrilling ride.

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