Jake the Growling Dog (Jake the Growling Dog Book 1) by Samantha Shannon – Review By Felicia Bates

Jake the Growling DogJake the Growling Dog by Samantha Shannon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jake the Growling Dog: A Children’s Book about the Power of Kindness, Celebrating Diversity, and Friendship
Written by Samantha Shannon
4 out of 5 stars

I read this book with my almost 3 year old daughter this morning and I am looking forward to reading it with my son a bit later when he wakes up as I feel like the book and the additional pages after about kindness and encouraging empathy will really lead to a great discussion with him.
That being said, my daughter and I enjoyed this book. It kept her attention throughout the whole story and she really enjoyed pointing out the animal friends that Jake encounters along the tale. When asked at the end of the story her favorite part, she excitedly exclaimed, “Jake!”
Since this is a children’s book and I was reading the words out loud I did have some parts of the book that didn’t seem to flow correctly, I think I became accustomed to pages that rhymed and if there was a segment that didn’t, the flow felt awkward. Regardless, this isn’t something that would impact the book for a child. It was a story with a great message and I’m sure we will be reading it several more times in our household.

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