CHAMELEON by Zoe Kalo – Review by Erica Shoebridge

ChameleonChameleon by Zoe Kalo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chameleon is a gripping tale that will grab your attention from the start. 17-year-old Paloma is sent to an all-girls Catholic boarding school for unclear misbehaviour, and is befriended by a group of girls that are by turns empathetic, helpful, and strange. There is an underlying tension in her relationship with these teens that only adds to the intrigue of this haunting book. The supernatural is everywhere in this tale, from the waterfall that Paloma is oddly terrified of, to seances contacting the dead, to ghost sightings in the corners of peoples’ vision. This book definitely elicited some creepy vibes, and I felt increasingly unsettled as the story wound on. Zoe Kalo is great at allowing spaces for readers to fill in the blanks, which adds to the air of suspense in this book.

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