Obsessed (Lila Casey Series Book 1) by J Collins – Review by Jenni Bishop

Obsessed: Lila Casey Book 1 (Lila Casey Series)Obsessed: Lila Casey Book 1 by J. Collins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Obsessed (Lila Casey Series Book 1) by J Collins is a great and an enjoyable read. It is a unique vampire story that was fun and made me laugh but there was also a moment of high emotions. J’s take on the vampires was new and original and did a good job in making it a story that holds your attention right to the last page. The romance it a little steamy and I enjoyed the characters and their unique quirkiness.

Lila was a little strange, she had anxieties and was very hyper and her inner dialogue had me laughing out loud and was obsessed with vampires. What happens when faced with the reality of her dreams and she learns there are true monsters?

Adam is hot and sexy and living a life alone that is until one unusual and quirky woman graces his presence and he can’t get her out of his mind. She is nothing like anything he has met in his whole life. How can he help the woman he has come to love and keep her from the hands of evil.

I look forward to more of this series

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