Salty Sebastian (Smirk Series book 3) by Jen Luerssen – Review by Karyn Taylor

Salty Sebastian (Smirk Series Book 3)Salty Sebastian by Jen Luerssen
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Salty Sebastian is the 3rd book in the Smirk Series by Jen Luerssen. I had never previously read any books by this author before this and wasn’t aware when I started that there were 2 books that came before it. Each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone although the same group of friends appear in each book. I certainly didn’t feel like I was missing any important information when reading this one, although I’m now intrigued as to what went on before. Although I’d like to read the previous book, I’m sure they are going to have a hard job living up to Sebastian and Kit as I loved their story.
Salty Sebastian is a contemporary romance that will have you in fits of laughter in many parts. I absolutely adored the interaction with Kit and her 2 dads Peyton and Sig. They really have no filter and are quite happy to discuss their own sex life and that of their daughter, much to the horror of Kit many times.
A bit of background to the story – Kit and Sebastian meet and have a wild passionate night in Vegas but don’t as much as exchange their names with each other. Fast forward 2 years and Kit is hired as an intern in Sebastian’s wine business. Let’s just say that their night 2 years previously has never left either of their minds and has changed both their lives in many ways.
Can Sebastian and Kit take up where they left off, considering that Sebastian is now her boss? Is Sebastian willing to let a woman get close to him after he has sworn off relationships when he discovered his long term girlfriend with another guy?

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