Secure Again: A Chase Group Story by R.L. Dunn – Review by Maura Harper

Secure Again: A Chase Group StorySecure Again: A Chase Group Story by R. L. Dunn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is a LOT going on in this story and there are a LOT of characters to keep track of. It took me a little bit to settle in to the story because I was trying to keep track of who is who. I think I was initially lost was because they were introduced with full name AND nickname. I had to get used to the cadence and once I did, I was able to go with the flow of the story.

This is a really well paced thriller that moves along rapidly and appropriately. The main female protagonist is a strong personality who stands up for what she believes in “would you say that to a male doctor?”. She holds true to her values and is willing to put personalities aside to find out the truth.

The story is clearly plotted from beginning to end and stays on point without straying to far into secondary story lines. I did not think there was a lot of filler as it has a very strong beginning, middle and end. I did not read this is one sitting, but if you have the time and attention span, I believe it could be tackled in one day.

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