Shattered (The Torzial Affair Book 1) by Via Mari – Review by Jana Teppih

Shattered (The Torzial Affair Book 1)Shattered by Via Mari
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shattered is the opening to Via Mari’s Torzial Affair series that is a spinoff of her Prestian series. I suggest you read that series before you immerse yourself into the Torzial Affair series! I know, you could read it as a standalone but you will get so much more out of it if you have read the Prestian series prior. There is some overlap at the end of the first series timewise but Torzial Affair is a totally different story!
Torzian Affair is the story of Jenny and Brian and Shattered is the beginning of it. We have two wounded hearts that have built walls around themselves, for different reasons but still … Via Mari gives us a very intense and steamy romance that touches on some very sensitive and touchy topics – rape, domination and submission …
I loved the opening and I cannot wait for the next step in their relationship!

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