The Last Dance (The Sorrel Janes Mysteries) by Lonna Enox – Review by Karyn Taylor

The Last DanceThe Last Dance by Lonna Enox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Last Dance is part of the Sorrel Janes Mysteries by Lonna Enox. I had not previously read any work by this author so was unsure what to expect. What I got was a very well written thriller, with a bit of romance that had me gripped from the very beginning.
Sorrel Janes has moved to Saddle Gap after the murder of her husband. She’s trying to stay low key as her husband’s murder has not been solved and she may be in danger. Needless to say, life does not go to plan and she’s soon embroiled in 2 murders that have taken place in the quiet town since she arrived. Added to that, she’s a suspect in one of the murders.
I loved the interaction between Sorrel and Detective Chris Reed who is investigating the murders. He’s sure she’s hiding something and he’s determined to find out what? There’s an instant sexual attraction between the 2 that they both fight to ignore, mainly due to the fact that they rub each other up the wrong way and are constantly bickering.
This story is a great thriller that will keep you gripped. The characters are really well written, not just the 2 main characters but the secondary characters have a valuable role to play in the story.
I really enjoyed this book and would like to read more from this series.

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