Wayward (Billionaire Bodyguards Book 1) by Via Mari – Review by Shannon Fowler

Wayward (Billionaire Bodyguards Book 1)Wayward by Via Mari
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love reading Via Mari’s billionaire stories. First there was The Prestian Series, then The Torzial Affair and now The Billionaire Bodyguards! While I have not read The Prestian Series (yet), I loved the Torzial Affair. The three series mix a little with the characters. You don’t have to read one to understand the others but it sure helps and Mari’s writing style makes you WANT to read every word she writes!

Wayward is about Sasha and Jay. Sasha is a little lost and well “wayward”. But with the help of Jay she is able to figure out her own worth and eventually understands that she is not all on her own.
I love the inter-connecting of the story lines and characters. Not only do you get to “meet” new ones but you get to reconnect with old ones.

Looking forward to who’s next in the Billionaire Bodyguards series!

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