Michael’s Heart by Lori Thomas Harrington – Review by Naomi McDonald

Michael's HeartMichael’s Heart by Lori Thomas Harrington
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Michael’s Heart is an emotional story. You are going to cry at least once so have the tissues nearby. There isn’t too much to say regarding story line or it will ruin the outcome for you. I will say that the pertinent characters are memorable and are drawn together by the common thread of music as a soul language. I wasn’t really sure what to feel when I finished the book. Part of me recognizes the bright part of the ending, but it has an overtone of sadness as well. I suppose that makes the story more like real life when it comes down to it. Regardless, if you are in the mood to feel a myriad of emotions in a short period of time, check out this story.

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