Moves by John Michaels – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

MovesMoves by John Michaels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t often go for thrillers but I found Moves by John Michaels totally gripping. Michaels sets up a mysterious and intriguing murder right at the start of the book and then launches into several chapters of character development that are seemingly only tangentially related. You KNOW it must all be linked in some way and have to keep reading to get more clues as to how.
The protagonist, Robert Jake, is a well developed and interesting character. He struggles with PTSD, depression and grief. He is also a popular radio host and a caring father. We encounter his story, and the stories of those around him, at several points at once as flashbacks and therapy fill in aspects of his past.
I also found the character John Assisi quite interesting. We get to see him develop through Jake’s flashbacks and then through his detective work in the present. Jake and Assisi balance each other well and I like the underlying respect they have from the start in spite of a less than friendly initial encounter.
For me, this is a five-star book. It’s a real page turner, and one you won’t be able to stop thinking about! It’s great if you’re after a bit of excitement and mystery – thoroughly enjoyable!

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