Orion’s Kiss by Claire Luana – Review by Naomi McDonald

Orion's KissOrion’s Kiss by Claire Luana
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The premise of this story attracted me to it and I’d say overall it is a great read. It is a standalone story so you don’t have to worry about any cliffhangers, which is always nice.

I love mythology (and Orion is my favorite constellation) so I was very interested to see how the author wove the tale of the Pleiades sisters and Orion. Orion’s Kiss kept me intrigued throughout the entire story. It did not disappoint.

Even with the overall story being fabulous, I think there would have been more believability if the main character, Merope/Meriah would have been slightly older, HS Senior or even college Freshman. But I guess if you’ve been reincarnated over and over, you probably have a better grasp on reality at a younger age. Regardless, the story is still a definite must read! Great characters and plot development, a bit of dark and a bit of sweetness.

Pour yourself some tea and prepare for a reading adventure. ?

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