Shattered Melody: A romantic suspense novella by Amy McKinley – Review by Jana Teppih

Shattered MelodyShattered Melody by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shattered Melody is a short suspense read by Amy McKinley whose Gray Ghost series I have fell in love with a while ago so when Shattered Melody popped up on my radar, I picked it up and I didn’t regret it! You can read it as a standalone though the main squeeze Reese Miller is part of the Gray Ghost family …
Shattered Melody is the story of Emma Dawson who has isolated herself after her stalked killed her fiancé 3 years earlier. She thinks that not getting close to anyone and simply living for her music, she will be safe … it also means that she is highly suspicious of everyone so when Reese moves to a cottage not far from hers and the attraction between them cannot be denied she starts wondering if Reese is her knight in shiny armour or the one she needs to be afraid of …
As said, the story is fast and furious and you will absolutely love it and I promise you after getting a taste of Amy’s writing, you will want more so go and pick up her Gray Ghost series so you can meet the guys Reese is close to!

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