The Fish that Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansbro – Review by Erica Fish

The Fish That Climbed a TreeThe Fish That Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansbro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kevin Ansbro is a new author to me and the title The Fish that Climbed a Tree just peaked my interest and I knew I would have to read it. I am glad I did. Ansbro has created a funny but serious in nature. The characters are enjoyable and I found myself talking to Henry as if he could hear me. Henry’s father, Reverend Drummond is murdered and Henry was left behind. Rev. Drummond does his best to navigate the afterlife. Henry. who is a simple kid who loves books and writing needs to be careful of the people around him now. Will Rev. Drummond be able to take ahold of his afterlife? Will Henry be able to see people for who they are so he does not fall to evil? This story will hold your interest from the first page to the last page.

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