Eternity (Captivity Series Book 3) by Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk – Review by Erin Wolf

Eternity (Captivity Book 3)Eternity by Sarah Biglow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give Eternity: A Paranormal Romance Novella (Captivity Book 3) by Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk, 4 stars.
** This review may contain spoilers from previous books in the series. **

Lorelei, Aiden, and the group they now call their family are happy in Sanctuary. That is, until they learn of a potential plan that may have tragic results to all shifters. They meet some opposition from the other residents, but they know they cannot just stand by and let it happen. So they travel back into the city where they will have to face some of their worst fears and enemies. Will they be able to succeed or is it doomed to fail?

I have greatly enjoyed this series and this book just added to my pleasure. The book weaves a wonderful tale of love, hate, action, and the extremes some people will go to. It also does a wonderful job of tying all the books together, bringing back characters we have met in previous books, as well as introducing some new ones too. I was completely engrossed in this book and could not put it down until I was done.

If you are a fan of shifters, romance and action, this book is for you.

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