My One Love (The Brothers of Camelot Book 2) by Necie Navone – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

My One Love (The Brothers of Camelot Book 2)My One Love by Necie Navone
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My One Love is the 2nd book in the Brother of Camelot series by Necie Navone. It should be read after reading the My Life Series, but I think you could possibly skip Happily Ever After. However, you shouldn’t, because these books are amazing and you should read them all! I seriously want a movie series made about these books. I have gotten so connected to the characters and love them all. This book continues the story of Grayson and Lexy (aka Aless). Lexy and Grayson met as teenagers, and 8 years later they reunite and instantly have that same spark they felt so long ago. Its almost like it was love at first sight, but they quickly learn love might not be enough. Relationships take work and sacrifices, and compromises. But both are so strong willed and stubborn, will they be able to make it work out? Read this story to see what happens between Lexy and Grayson, and get a deeper introduction to the other characters. I hope Navone writes Hawkins story next! Until next time…

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