Regency Love: Reflections of a Young Lady by TL Clark – Review by Tausha Treadway

Regency Love: Reflections of a Young LadyRegency Love: Reflections of a Young Lady by T.L. Clark
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Regency Love: Reflections of a Young Lady by TL Clark. This is the story of Regency London and Lady Anne Frithringham daughter of the Duke of Hesford. She is about to enter society, beautiful and elegant, taught all the proper things but scared to death. She is ready to get married and be loved but also scared of what it entails. Lord Felsenworth is trying to prove himself worthy despite his lower rank of Earl. Lady Anne is struggling between her head and her heart as she picks a partner. When she finally thinks she has one picked out she realizes he’s not all he says he is leaving her more confused than ever. She learns not all relationships especially marriages are not always created equal. This story is such an enjoyable description of courtship and marriage in the era of Regency London thru Lady Anne’s eyes. You realize some things haven’t changed at all today and some things are radically different. Such a good book!

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