Sanctuary (Captivity Series Book 2) by Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk – Review by Erica Fish

Sanctuary (Captivity Book 2)Sanctuary by Sarah Biglow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sanctuary is the second installment of the Captivity series by Sarah Biglow and Molly Zenk. I do not know about you but I almost hate more than one installment in a story. The reason being is because I am a little impatient to read the next book. I want it now!!! At last, that is the real reason why there are series is to get you to wanting more. Biglow and Zenk has made that in their Captivity series. They hold you with their ability to give you just enough to send you to the next page in the book. There is action, adventure, and life or death situations. (What is even harder is there is one more book to this series.) Aiden and Lorelei are running from the sirens and are coming into disaster at every turn. The mission needs to be accomplished for their freedom and health. Will Aiden and Lorlei make it to freedom or will they be one step closer to death?

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