September Breeze (Cinnamon Bay Romance Book 2) by Nikki Lynn Barrett – Review by Angela Hayes

September Breeze (Cinnamon Bay, #2)September Breeze by Nikki Lynn Barrett
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September Breeze is book 2 in the Cinnamon Bay Romance series by Nikki Lynn Barrett. It is a sweet contemporary romance- a nanny/single father love story full of funny banter, mystery, family, small town magic, some drama, breaking down barriers, finding where you belong, emotion, troubled girls, secrets, past pain, worry, obstacles, ‘special’ brownies, crazy antics, adventure, forgiveness, and quirky characters.
Tess Dixon is a successful songwriter who has just arrived in town to work on the musical score for a movie being filmed in the area. But a SNAFU with her accommodation arrangements means she’s got no where to go- that is until some well-meaning locals give her an ad looking for help. It sparks her curiosity, and soon after she’s accepting a job as nanny for two troubled girls and their widowed father. She isn’t planning on staying long- just for the couple of months while the movie is being filmed- then she’s off again. She never stays in one place for long, and she doesn’t do attachments. But this little family really needs some help- and her ‘rules’ are soon tested as she begins falling for both the girls and their handsome father. What happens when secrets are revealed? What happens when life altering news is delivered? When feelings become involved, will she finally drop her defences and take a chance on love- or will her past become an obstacle too difficult to cross? Will walls finally crumble and hearts heal?
This is a great story- beautifully written and easy to read. The characters were well developed and endearing- quirky personalities and all. Even the secondary characters added to the over all feel and depth of the story, especially Tatum, Alice, Hattie, Birdie, and Trixie- the story just wouldn’t be the same without them.
Ms. Barrett certainly put her characters through the wringer though. I really felt for them. Not only did they have their past pain to deal with, then relationship issues, the two troubled girls to look out for, the meddling locals, her fears, his diagnosis, and adjustments- it got to the point where I was muttering “Oh! What now?! I don’t think the story need quite so much drama and angst- but, even with all that, I still enjoyed reading it.
I am looking forward to seeing what Ms. Barrett does next.

Thank you, Ms. Barrett!


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