Sugar & Spice (Spicetopia #1) by Phoebe Alexander featured in the Sweetest Obsessions Box Set Collection – Review by Cindy Mayberry

Sweetest Obsessions: A Contemporary Romance Boxed Set CollectionSweetest Obsessions: A Contemporary Romance Boxed Set Collection by Jane Anthony
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Sugar & Spice
Spicetopia #1
By Phoebe Alexander
I read “Sugar & Spice” from the “Sweetest Obsessions” Boxed Set Collection.
I have chosen to review Sugar & Spice by Phoebe Alexander.
WOW where do I begin!
This is a contemporary romance novel.
There is so much love between Jolie and Cy. But as we all know, a series of events will take place. Starting with Cy as the undercover boss. His job was to find out about a boycott in the family business. Jolie is the single mother of 2 young boys, one of which is terminally ill. She works 2 jobs to support her children, and the medical bills that are piling up. That is all I’m going to say about Sugar & Spice. As I will not give away spoilers, you just need to read this story along with the others in the boxed set.

Phoebe Alexander is one of the many authors, I enjoy reading. You will too! Her story is well written and loaded with some hot and steaming romance. Not just that, she has a way to suck up into her books and keep you reading. Her story also has you falling in love with Jolie and Cy. Real people, real life situations and powerful romance. Take this book and start reading, you won’t be sorry! As for Phoebe Alexander, I’m looking forward to your next book.

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