Thorfinn and the Witch’s Curse (Forerunner Series Book 1) by Jay Velosa Batista – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Thorfinn and the Witch's Curse (The Forerunner Series #1)Thorfinn and the Witch’s Curse by Jay Veloso Batista
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Thorfinn Agneson is a young boy of ten and he lives in the time of the Vikings, in the ninth century and he lives under the Danelaw and life is good, he spends his time training and doing chores with his brothers, spending time playing with his younger sister, teasing the older residents at his home and at night hearing tales of his ancestors and his heritage, as well as some other tales family members bring home on their travels, his father is also organising and apprenticeship for him, as well as planning for a large wedding. Meanwhile, his Uncle is travelling back home after voyaging for a long time, but his journey isn’t all smooth sailing as he meets some characters along the way and these are both friend and foe.

One day, Thorfinn and his brothers overhear a story about a curse and someone tells them where it takes place, so as a group, the young boys in the homestead decide to go on an adventure, however, they encounter something mysterious, but none of the boys understand it’s consequences until it is almost too late. They decide that they have to remedy their mistake and so go to confront the mysterious shadow and the witch whom they find controls this, however, as one of the brothers attack the fiends, the witch retaliates and attacks Thorfinn, but what he doesn’t realise until the next day is that it is not his body which has returned home.

As Thorfinn is battling the witch, his uncle is facing his fair share of foes including a shape shifting warrior and his pack of wolves, he also encounters a seer on a deserted island and others as he travels towards home. Thorfinn now has to learn what the witch’s curse has done to him and what this means for his life, so when it is explained that he is now a Vardoger and that his ghost will travel ahead of as a forerunner, he now has to learn about this new realm and the perils within it, there are advantages to this, such as overhearing conversations and learning about a world once hidden.

Will Thorfinn be able to master his new split life, both as a young boy in Midgard, as well as a ghost at night, will he be able to use his new skills to remove the witch’s curse as the threat they command lingers over the homestead? Will his Uncle return safely home and be able to spend time with his much missed family? This is a historical fiction filled with stories of the Viking life at the time, as well as a fantasy adventure weaved throughout which will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting to know what will happen next as the twists and turns play out over the pages.

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