Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd by Christy Nicholas – Review by Angela Hayes

Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd.Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd. by Christy Nicholas
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Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd by Christy Nicholas is an interesting read and my favourite book of hers that I’ve read, so far. It is a suspenseful mystery, with sci-fi elements, time travel, history, adventure, drama, politics, intrigue…. And lots more. I am hoping that this book is the start of a new series.
Wilda Firestone retired from her job as a Temporal Agent and is now content to run her outfitters shop for time travelers. But things take a bit of a dire turn when a critically ill time traveller ends up on her doorstep. This results in a bit of a crisis and Wilda has no choice but to come out of retirement and set off on a quest to figure it all out and hunt down the source of the illness. Time is running out and there is much at stake. Will she get to the bottom of it all before it’s too late?
As usual, great world building by Ms. Nicholas. Her story is vividly descriptive and has a ‘visual’ quality to it. There were some areas that I felt were a little overly detailed and descriptive, a lot of time put into the smallest of details, which kind of interrupted the flow of the story just a little.
I liked having the glossary/pronunciation guide at the front of the book- it was handy to refer back to. The story covers a lot of ground/time- as the adventure takes us from Nth America, to Canada, Scotland, and even Africa. There is a lot of cultural influences in this story too- such as Native American Indians, and the Vikings- these touches added an extra interest and depth to the story. The historical elements were really well done too.
Mysterious and suspenseful.

Thank you, Ms. Nicholas!


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