Unchained Memory (Interstellar Rescue Series Book 1) by Donna S. Frelick – Review by Cassi Rogers

Unchained Memory ( Interstellar Rescue Series Book 1)Unchained Memory by Donna S. Frelick
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First off, I’d like to give Kudos to this author for choosing a book cover that had characters that perfectly matched their written description. So many times I will be engrossed in a book and learn the girl character has long brown hair… just to close the book and see a blonde girl on the cover. Now I’ll commence my review.
Unchained Memory by Donna S. Frelick is the first book of the Interstellar Rescue Series. I read this novel as a challenge to myself, as it made me step way out of my comfort zone, because I have never read any book that truly contained science fiction elements. I’m thrilled to say that I am happy with the book I chose. I have no regrets in getting this book, nor was it hard for me to read it.
The book starts with Asia who has suffered a tremendous loss and can’t remember what she did for the three hours in the meantime. She starts seeing a therapist, Ethan, who is trying to help her either remember what happened during those hours or realize its insignificance and move on. During their sessions they start to develop deeper feelings for one another. Ultimately things get hard for them as they have people that start following them. As they run, they find out more and more of the truth.
This book had me on the edge of my seat until the very end. I adored the relationship between Asia and Ethan. As soon as I thought I knew what was going to happen next I would turn the page and be shocked to my core. I was so emotionally invested in this book, that after putting it down at night to sleep, my mind would run over all the scenarios. Donna is a brilliant author. Her character descriptions were immaculate and the story line just contained sooo much and it just flowed together effortlessly.

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